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Sign up for the OFFICIAL Glarbo-9 Intergalactic Outreach Email Radio! Holding hands across the galaxy :)


How does it work?
We will route transmissions as 'newsletters' from the galactic internet, in URLS inaccessible to you unless you are a glarbonian foreign national or otherwise have the equipment (fig. 1), to your net-location by translating it (expensively!) into human-computer readable data, providing an email radio newsletter for you specifically curated regularly by a freedom-loving initiative of the Glarbo-9 department of intergalactic outreach. In order to be sure you receive these transmissions you need to ensure they don't go to your spam folder! Earth native email software over-detects us as S.P.A.M.

fig. 1

Official newsletter promotional material
The Glarbo-9 Tourism Board has approved of the following images being used to spread the word of our 'newsletter' to more humans. With little funding, any help will be appreciated in sharing them around with your family, friends, places of worship or business associates etc. We double checked and these images, if copy-and-pasted or saved, will work on any social media site.

fig. 2

fig. 3

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